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Radio Garden Shows are not new.  But this show is special.  We only talk about gardening in our special area of the world – Zone 10.  We are sub-tropical.  There are plants and trees we can grow well here and others we cannot grow at all.  We give practical advice only about our area.  When you call the show we talk about what you want to talk about.  Mark has hosted the show since 2007.  Prior he was the executive producer since 1998.  Mark was born in Miami where he lived until 2001 at which time he and his wife, Felicia, moved to Palm Beach.  They also have a property in Jupiter with a couple of acres where they grow over 140 tropical fruit trees, maintain an 800 sq. ft. shade house for shade plants and orchids and enjoy a large butterfly garden which they constantly update with new plantings and features.  Many weekends are spent there enjoying their favorite hobby, gardening.  They also spend time in Peru, the place of Felicia’s birth, where they have family and enjoy exploring, hang gliding and fishing.  Mark spent many years ranching in Miami with his father Lawrence.  They raised Black Angus cattle on almost a thousand acres of property that today is home to vast warehouses west of the Miami International Airport.  All the while they grew avocados and mangoes as well as some citrus.  Always interested in the finer points of gardening, Mark got really serious about the subject about three years prior to starting to host the show.  Now it’s a passion, although he leaves much of the really hard work to Diego, Lucas and Juan who toil with the overall care and maintenance of the property.

The show is always live and relevant to the time of year we’re in.  Listen Saturday.  Listen on the radio or listen on the web.  We ask that you patronize our sponsors who are great companies and people who share our love of all things in the landscape.  They make our show and this web site possible.  Gene Joyner, former ag agent for Palm Beach county for 35 years and the person who created Unbelievable Acres Botanical Gardens, makes a weekly appearance on the show at around 10:08am.  Tune in SATURDAYS at 10:00am to 850 on the AM dial or 97.9FM hd2 on the FM dial.  WFTL is Florida’s Talk Leader.  50,000 watts from the northern Keys to Vero Beach, the most powerful radio station in all South Florida.

Call in to the show with your questions, suggestions and comments.  1-877-850-8585

This web site is designed to be user-friendly, with no pop-up ads.  We do not try to sell you anything.  We do not collect your information, so we cannot share it with anyone.  We are adding pages all the time so that you can get clear and concise information about any subject we cover without spending hours on the internet searching through information that may not even relate to our climate zone.  Some of our pages may refer you to other sources we think will help you, or we may offer you a link to another web site.  We may mention publications that will be helpful.  We will never have a financial interest in any of these resources.  But, if you still want more information, just call the show and let’s talk about your subject of importance.

Make our radio show and this web site your primary reference resource for your lawn care, tropical fruit trees, flowering trees, butterfly gardening, landscape design, fertilization, pest control…..everything you need to learn.  Many thanks to Bio Advanced for being our primary national sponsor.

Thanks for listening and using this web site.  I’ll see you ON THE RADIO !!

Recent update:  October 25, 2019

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