Ag Extension Offices

These are the Agricultural Extension Offices for all of our listening area:

About them……    Your local extension office is capable and willing to help you with several things.  I recommend a phone call first so that they can guide you in the right way to solve your particular problem.  They can tell you how to take a soil sample which they will test for you.  They can suggest proper fertilizers that may be approved for your area as well as provide the service of identifying plants and trees by the samples you bring to them.  Ask them how they handle these services before you go in with a tree limb in the back of your pick-up truck!  Seriously, these offices are staffed with people who are well trained and service minded.  Utilize their services without hesitation.  They can save you from making mistakes and give you quality guidance in many ways.  They also have a wealth of  free publications you can pick up that cover many horticulture topics.


St. Lucie County      772-462-1660

Martin County     772-288-5654

Palm Beach County     561-233-1700

Broward County     954-357-5270

Miami-Dade County     305-248-3311

Monroe County     305-292-4502

I am always interested to hear about your experiences with your local Ag Agent.  Call in to the show and let me know.  Others can learn from you.  Thanks


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