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Friday, April 26, 2019

Boy, has it ever been a while.  Donald Trump is president, the economy is humming again (or should I say going straight up), federal regulations are being reduced at a rapid pace, employment is up, to numbers we have never seen before and fewer folks on hand-outs than in recent memory.  I don’t know about you, but everyone I know is flying high while inflation is low.  Perfect for getting Trump re-elected but more importantly good that our nation is respected again for our strength as well as our economic numbers.  Does anyone even remember that manchurian guy called Obama?  And, no, we don’t need the touchy, feely guy who was, once upon a time, the VP to that guy.  Uncle Joe, enjoy retirement…..go swim naked in your pool like you did in the VP residence.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yes, its been awhile.  I had truly given up back in 2015.  Now, with the election of Trump I feel a glimmer of hope.  If for nothing else, just draining the swamp a little if possible would make my vote worthwhile.  Of course I hope for more.  We’ll see.  I don’t think Trump is the answer to all our problems.  The Republicans in the House and Senate, especially the leadership, are still a problem.  I think they were so convinced Hillary would win and they would hang on and not have to really govern that they were surprised by the Trump win and just can’t get used to having the responsibility of governing.  They didn’t think they would become the ones to deal with Obamacare.  They thought they could just sit on their hands and criticize and obstruct and continue to enjoy the perks of office for another term…..

Notice how the Democrats, by far the minority party, almost to oblivion, act like they run the country.  Chuck Schumer thinks he’s president.  Nothing pleases him except himself.  To compromise simply means to agree with Chuck.  Otherwise you’re an obstructionist and a neanderthal.  When Obama was around it also meant you were a racist.

We’ll see how this all plays out.  I think Trump is tougher than them all and totally unflappable.  They, both Reps and Dems, don’t know how to handle that !


Thursday, June 25, 2015

I quit.  Today the U.S. Supreme Court released its ruling that Obamacare subsidies are legal, once again with Chief Justice Roberts (a George W. Bush appointee) leading the way with the other liberal justices including Reagan appointee Kennedy in declaring that Obamacare is here to stay.  At least until it implodes.

This is only the latest official act to occur that convinces me to quit.  I quit caring about this nation today.  And, I mean that.  For more than fifty of my sixty-five years I have devoted a great deal of my time, energy and money to the cause of making this a better nation.  It was always the best of the best.  But, I never have been one to settle for status quo.  Ask anyone who works or has ever worked for me.  My belief has always been that unless we strive to make things better deterioration will set in.  The concept being that unless you’re going forward you are going to find yourself backing up.  Well, here we are.  Most Americans have demonstrated for several years that they don’t care about America anymore.  Many don’t bother to vote.  Most do not let their elected representatives know their thoughts, perhaps because they don’t have any.  Most of the folks I know who have children and even grandchildren don’t pay attention to what is happening to the nation they call home.  Felicia and I have no children guaranteeing no grandchildren of ours will ever suffer the consequences of recent events in America.  I have always had in mind those children and grandchildren of others notwithstanding the lack of care demonstrated by their own relatives.  That’s over.  I no longer care who wins an election.  I no longer care about laws passed that will have a long term or short term negative consequence.  I no longer care about indebting my friends and neighbors children and grandchildren.  I no longer care if you want to call guys marrying other guys normal.  I no longer care about the national debt.  I no longer care about the loss of American jobs because lobbyists are convincing our elected officials to sell the country down the drain.  I no longer care about the state of education in America.  Why should I?  Parents show little to no interest in the education of their own kids.  I no longer care about who mooches off the government.  I will pay only the minimal amount of taxes necessary.

I hold in high esteem our founders and all those who have given their limbs and their lives to win and hold our freedom for these last two hundred forty years.  They are all heroes to me.  Some day maybe a future generation may find it in their hearts to follow in those footsteps and win their freedom once again and try to hold it.  Right now our young are too preoccupied with sex and entertainment to be bothered.  The children of our leaders will not make sacrifices for something as mundane as freedom.  They seem to enjoy group-think and group-speak and find it easy and comfortable.  The universities that used to encourage free speech and individual expression now ban certain thoughts and expressions.  They take exorbitant tuitions to supposedly prepare young people for employment that is not, or will soon not be, available.  I quit on that subject as well.

Felicia and I are just fine in our world.  We are financially secure.  We have no need to worry about anyone else and we will not.  We will donate to fewer charities since we now realize most of them are headed by people drawing out large salaries and expenses with little real interest in the cause they represent.  I won’t be watching or listening to news or opinion programs, with the full knowledge that they exist, both liberal and conservative, to provide entertainment and enrich the people and networks that present them.

Many of these things I have realized for a long time.  I have been in denial about how the degeneration of the country has been progressing until now.  I had eternal optimism.  Or at least I thought I did.  I wish everyone well and the best for America.  But, someone else can take my place at the caring table as I vacate my seat.  The only thing I now consider to be eternal is my love for my wonderful wife and my love of God.  Those are my priorities now to the exclusion of all others.

There will be no more entries in this tab.


Monday, February 9, 2015

My first entry of the new year and what a year its starting out to be.  The demonic Islamic extremists continue to carry out their seventh century brutality on all who disagree with them and our fearful leader still appears to be on their side.  Who would have ever imagined that the U.S. would be ‘led’ by someone who so disrespects and disdains this great nation that he would condone what is happening in the mid-east and African nations, therefore bringing us closer and closer to evil.  Terrorism is sure to be on the way to a town near you and I.  When will the wake-up occur?  On the celeb side:  Bruce Jenner is trying to become a woman.  Since that’s impossible, let’s just say that he is acting like a woman.  That’s the best one can do in that regard.  Gender is a matter of genetic make-up, not cosmetic make-up.  There is no homosexual gene and you can change your jeans but not your genes.  You can pretend though.   You can pretend to be anyone you want to be and you can pretend to even be married to anyone you choose, but all that is governed by our maker and the bottom line is, He is the only one who matters.  It seems I’ll be the last one to view the movie American Sniper, but I will see it before it’s theatre run is over.  Who knew Rowdy Yates would end up making such a flick?


Friday, December 5, 2014

It’s all about power and stupidity.  The administration knows how to use power and the Republican leadership in the House and Senate are the stupid ones.  So desperate to be accepted by their rivals and the media,  McConnell and Boehner  never fail to throw their voters to the wolves immediately following the vote.  Romney lost because 4 million conservatives refused to hold their noses and vote for the phony.  That failed to register with the owners of the GOP.  Now, Jeb Bush thinks it’s his turn at bat.  He really thinks he ‘deserves’ to be president.  After all, his family is a stake holder in the national GOP.  They are Northeastern liberal Republicans.  “What could be more perfect?” they wonder.   So, now Jeb, with the help of Karl Rove and the other minstrels who they employ will focus on the “center”, abandon the conservatives and strategically win.  Well, this assumes that the majority of American’s just can’t wait for another Bush.  Wrong.  This assumes that conservatives will vote for Bush because they just cannot imagine voting for a lib Democrat.  Romney proved that doesn’t work out very well.  So, if ‘they’ have their way, another loss will happen in November, 2016.  Mainstream Americans want no part of amnesty for illegal aliens.  We do not want the nature and culture of America altered.  We do not want our schools and other public services drowned in little brown people who speak a variety of languages our schools cannot handle.  We do not want cheap labor that spreads the labor savings of some businesses who don’t want to pay into social security, medicare, unemployment compensation and worker’s comp among all of the rest of us when we must absorb these costs through taxes.  There is something else to consider.  When illegals become legal, who says they want to remain on the bottom rung?  Will they want higher wages, workers comp, etc.?  Of course.  So then what must we do to maintain cheap labor for those jobs we are told Americans will not do?   You’ve got it.  We will have to open the border again and let in “new” illegals to fill those jobs that Americans and newly legalized, formerly illegal aliens, will then not do.  Think about that.  And try to make yourself believe that Jeb Bush and the other insider Republicans don’t already understand that.  They do.  And, they like the whole process.  Because they simply seek to replace regular, hard working Americans with a new class of voter.  A class of new voter who will be dependent upon government and easy to manipulate.  How cynical.  How true.  Horrendous – unless you believe that the U.S. is not special, just another marketplace in the global market.  Key word:  Global.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Post election news is serious stuff.  The GOP won and almost immediately surrendered.  Typical Bush, Romney, McCain behavior.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pulling the strings there.  Their member insurance companies have found ways to make Obamacare pay off for them.  Other members want more undercutting of the wages of blue collar Americans with immigration “reform” and the high tech guys want  to undercut even further the pay required to hire American geeks by bringing in more and more camel jockeys.  So, all the promises pre-election were just “Gruberisms.”  Expect lip service and another loser candidate from the GOP in 2016.  I’m sorry I cannot be more optimistic, but I listen to what the McConnells and Bainers are saying and it sickens me.  I pray for our great nation and hope you will do the same. Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Well, well.  Now we’re all becoming experts about Ebola.  Not quite….  We know very little.  But now the government says they’re going to start testing people entering from suspect nations.  Really?  If they find someone suspect of carrying the virus are they going to put the person back on the plane and order the airline to take the person back to their point of embarkation?  Don’t think so.  Once they get here its our job to make them better or at least try.  If the bastard from Liberia makes it through with all the resources being put into his sorry ass look out for a parade of copy cats to follow.  This is another way to bring down America, with 2+ years to go…..     God, help us!

Friday, September 12, 2014

This comment about the 2014-15 National Football League season.  I will not be watching.  That’s right, I am no longer a fan of the game at the professional level.  I have been driven away by the continued feminization of a male game.  I will not watch as the players are forced to wear the pink ribbons and other pink clothing and shoe accessories to demonstrate their support for breast cancer research.  While a worthy cause for sure, in my opinion forcing this kind of nonsense is just that.  I will exercise my freedom of choice.  Now, while I’m on the subject of football, the Ray Rice matter.  This young player has been everything but neutered for his act of violence on his then girlfriend, now wife.  This is a matter for law enforcement.  The NFL involvement is a reaction to attempt to please the NOW gang of lib lesbos who never can be satisfied because that’s their business.  Yes, being unhappy has now become an industry all across the board.  The nag gals are inherently displeased with everything in order to have a fund-raising cause.  Same with the homosexual industry.  Same with the gun industry.  Same with the global warming/climate change hand wringers.  Save the polar bears, the wales, our water, the air – you name it there’s a non-profit group out there with highly paid leaders mooching off the public for these often phony causes created for the purpose of having a grievance.  Many years ago I worked very hard on the subject of immigration, even getting my congressman Claude Pepper to put the Simpson-Mazzolli bill up for a vote.  FAIR, the Federation for Immigration Reform, led the national effort.  When I had Pepper put the bill up for a vote and it passed FAIR’s executive director at the time Roger Connor hated me for it.  I had stripped them of their fund-raising focus for the next year, even though we accomplished what we wanted.  Roger went on to a different nonprofit.  That’s what they do.  All phony as a three dollar bill. Now for our fearless little leader, B.O.  If anyone ever still had a doubt as to his loyalties just think of this.  We purposefully left behind in Iraq functioning equipment.  Not just a few trucks.  Tanks, armaments, etc, all with the keys still in the switches.  Why didn’t we load it up and bring it home?  Why not blow up what we left behind?  My theory is one of common sense.  B.O. wanted to arm his friends.  Sound crazy?  Yes.  Unbelievable.  Same with so many actions and failures to act during this sorry administration.  Yesterday was also the anniversary of the Benghazi attack under B.O. and Hilary.  Did you hear anything much about that on the news?  Why not?  You know the answer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The saga continues.  The president continues his push to reduce this great nation to third world status.  We now have no doubt that the IRS was used for political purposes.  He continues to govern by executive order instead of through congress as lawfully prescribed in that outdated writing we call the constitution.  By encouraging an onslaught of illegal aliens who share no cultural traits with the rest of us and simply do not possess the desire or intention to assimilate, our sorry leader helps to insure that our schools will suffer, our medical services, already suffering the effects of his feeble attempt to commandeer that 20 percent of the economy, will pay an even higher price as we circle the drain.  By aiding and abetting the muslim enemies of freedom everywhere he helps promote the cause of Israel’s destruction which will leave us without a civilized friend in the middle east.   The muslim brotherhood, friends of Barak, are certainly flexing muscle with the total approval of this administration.  All these events and the endless scandals which attach to the white house are keeping the media busy reporting, covering up and making excuses for this administration which most of them have not only endorsed but supported throughout this entire ordeal we call a presidency.  Heaven help them if they do not, lest they be accused of being racists.  Our national attention is also diverted to such inconsequential subjects as a football player savaging his girlfriend (now wife, that’s her way of signaling she’s OK with a good thrashing).  ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith commented the other day that sometimes women provoke these unfortunate events.  He was promptly taken off the air, forced to grovel an apology to the arbiters of political correctness (mainly twinkies who have chickified sports to the obscene point) and he’ll suffer a one week suspension.  He apparently will not have to go away for sensitivity training like some others recently who have given other warriorettes in the battle for feminization that creepy feeling that their panties are knotted.  But, you haven’t heard a thing lately about Tony Dungy and his comments about Michael Sam, the Hershey highway football player.  Other than being called a bigot and homophobe, which is usual fare for the light-in-the-loafers crowd, he hasn’t been touchable.  There seems to be, in his case, a real advantage to being black.  You may just become immune from much of the harassment usually meted out to the politically incorrect.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In this, my first message of this heading I am compelled to write about my view on what is happening in Israel.  Once again the little dog has taunted the bigger dog and then claims victim status.  Our President, who has written that the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound he ever heard, now has sent the Palestinian government $47,000,000.00 of money borrowed and now owed by the taxpayers of America for ‘humanitarian’ aid.  Remember that the Palestinian people were evicted from Jordan and are not welcome into any other nation in the Mid East, Africa or anywhere else on earth.  Why not?  Because the world knows them well enough to realize they are trouble.  At this point in history the Palestinian people should be educated, progressive and prosperous.  Oh, that’s right, they really don’t like the education thing.  The imams are afraid that if their population could read, comprehend and study the quran they may not be so easily led to violence.  Ignorance serves the war industry of the muslim nations.   Right now the world, yes the same world that habitually thinks the U.S. is too powerful, looks to America for answers.  The American people are war weary and rightfully so.  The current administration is sensitive to the causes of those muslim nations that hate America and democratic governments everywhere.  I assert that Mr. Obama is perfectly satisfied with the status quo in the world.  It fits the narrative of his life experiences and his mentors and creators.  He is not naïve.  He is just simply not pro-American or pro-western.  While so many American jews have voted for him twice, I believe he laughs in mockery knowing that those jews are Democrats often before they are American, remembering and embracing the Roosevelt era with such fondness their vision of current events is clouded.  To support Israel and simultaneously support the actions of this administration begs the question of ones sanity.   This past Saturday in Sarcelles, a northern Paris suburb in which many jews have always felt at home, a riot was publicized and then held with shoutings of “slit their throats” and “kill them all”.  Jewish owned business were set afire and pilfered and a synagogue was almost looted before French police showed up.  Did you see anything about this on the news?  There wasn’t much reporting of this.  PS-This was the 3rd violence against jewish businesses in one week.  And, remember, France has the largest muslim population of any western European nation.  Five million muslims and 500,000 jews.  As a non-jew I find this appalling.  The world cannot continue to put up with the savagery of fourteenth-century cretins.     MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

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