Planting Basics

General Planting Instructions for most Plants & Trees:

  • Prepare a hole a little wider and a little deeper than the container in which the plant or tree arrived.

  • Mix about 50% of the soil removed from the hole with an equal amount of new potting or top soil.

  • Place some of the mixed soil into the hole, place the plant or tree in the hole and fill around the root ball with the soil mixture.

  • Be careful not to bury the plant too deep.  It should be no deeper than the soil level in the container.  If anything, keep it just slightly above that line to allow for settlement.


  • Water thoroughly every day for the first month.  Then 3 or 4 times a week for the next month.

  • After established use your judgment as to frequency of watering taking into consideration recent rainfall.  Have a well-placed rain gauge to tell you about that.  If the plant or tree shows signs of wilt, more water is needed.

  • There are some exceptions to these instructions, so check out the other tutorial pages of this web site or call the show.

  • General recommendation is a Palm Special such as Lesco 13-3-13.  This type of fertilizer is slow-release encapsulated and contains many micro nutrients plants and trees need to establish and continue to flourish.
  • Fertilize no sooner than one month after planting and every three months thereafter for the first year.  Go to our Fertilizer page for more info.
  • These are general information points.  Refer to specific plants and trees information pages or call the show for variations.   Some plants need more acidic conditions.  Others such as bananas are heavy feeders. 


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