PHALAENOPSIS (fayl-en-NOP-siss)

The ‘Moth Orchid’, possibly America’s favorite orchid, as it is very well suited to indoor growing and because of it’s long lasting flowers that come in such a wide variety of colors.

LIGHT 60% shade. Never direct sun. Leaves should be a darker green. A covered porch is the perfect place or if growing indoors it should be placed by a bright window.

WATER Never allow the potting media to dry completely. This usually means watering 1 -2 times per week. It is o.k. to wet the foliage but avoid getting water in the crown. Phalaenopsis are very prone to crown rot. Growing under cover is preferred.

TEMPERATURE Can tolerate our hot summers. Needs to be protected below 50 degrees. If growing inside they need to be placed outside in a shady location for a week or so in 55 – 60 degree weather to initiate flower spikes. Definitely will not tolerate frost and freeze.

FERTLIZER Liquid fertilizer can be applied weekly at a reduced rate. If the manufacturer’s directions, say 1 teaspoon, use ½ teaspoon “weekly, weakly”.

REPOT Use a media that stays moist but not soggy. Should be repotted yearly. The best time to repot is Spring or Summer after they have finished blooming. Remember to always use as small a pot as possible and to make sure the orchid does not wobble in its pot.

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