There are 3 types of vandas: strap-leaved with broader, flat leaves, semi-terete with partly rounded leaves and terete with round, pencil-shaped leaves.

LIGHT Strap-leaved and semi-terete – 60% full sun. Terete needs full sun. Leaves should be a bright apple green. Dark green foliage indicates too little light and will prohibit flowering. Best grown outdoors due to their light and watering requirements.

WATER Water the entire plant very thoroughly each day. A light mist for 15-20 is perfect. Look for the roots to turn green to know that they are thoroughly saturated. Water early in the day. Drop watering to every other day in the winter.

TEMPERATURE Can tolerate our hot summers. Needs to be protected below 55 degrees. Cold damage will result in leaf drop. Definitely will not tolerate frost and freeze.

FERTLIZER Time release fertilizer applied in the Spring. We recommend Dynamite13-13-13, nine month formulation (apply as directed on the manufacturer’s label). A small bag made from cheese cloth, old pantyhose or screening can be used to make time release fertilizer bags that can be tied above the foliage. Vandas are heavy feeders and this will give them nutrition every time they are watered. Liquid fertilizer can be applied weekly at a reduced rate. If the manufacturer’s directions say 1 teaspoon, use ½ teaspoon “weekly, weakly”. It is o.k. to use both time release and liquid fertilizer together. Reduce fertilizing to every other week during the winter.

REPOT Vandas do not require any potting media. They can be tied into a plastic or wood basket or just secured firmly against a piece of straight wire. It is common practice to set a basket into a larger basket as needed. If using wood baskets, keep careful watch that the baskets do not start turning black. This means that the wood is deteriorating and the orchid should be removed right away. Top cut during the Spring or Summer. It is best to let the keikis bloom before removing them from the mother plant.

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